El Pompero First Jam

Long time, no see.

Back on track after all vacations etc,  and now I have 2 other musicians in the band El Pompero!! It`s a very big and important step to move the band forward to the next level!!

I´m very proud to announce that Mojje (ex. Snowy Shaw, Kaross) on the drums and Robert on the bass are in!!
We did our first Jam session together this week (Aug 21th) and it was a very good and groovy vibe in the room!

So to make the story short!

In July I was contacted by Svein from Grand Recording in Gothenburg about to recording in this studio for next upcoming stuff, Normally I am a ”doing self” man but after a short considering, We booked 2 days for recording in October!!
Now I can focus 100% on the music.
Grand Recordings and Svein is a studio who fits El Pompero perfect and best of all, we can record on tape!!
So that makes me speed up the building of the band and now I have my dream team:)

So our next plan is, make songs and recording 2 heavy tunes for a vinyl single.
So far we have rehearsed 2 pieces 7 minutes tunes and you can hear a part of it on our first rehearsal at the link down below

El Pompero – First Jam


El Pompero August 21th 2018.

Anders Jacobson
Mojje Andersson
Robert Ehlers

El Pompero

Hi musiclovers!!
Here  in my first blog post I will present my project El Pompero!!

I`ve been thinking for many years to start off my ”own” band where I can do what I want.

I got time first in 2016 when I quit Woe Gothenburg to think about my own project more seriously and time for writing songs.
My first plan was to do some ideas on guitar and then develop the tunes together with a band, but from that point I quit Woe I needed time for reflections and figure out what I will do with my life as a musician.
Beside that I did/do gigs and mini tours with CAVEM3N and we where in the process of the recording of our full-length album, and did 3 or 4 gigs with the Blues band ”Backwater Blues Band”,  so there was enough things to do haha 🙂

I don`t think myself as a guitarist and less a singer so my thought was, I pick the bass!
I love to play drums but my searching mind are looking for new challenges and I have been playing bass since I was a kid, but not on stage or in public so it was a natural choice for me.

But I`m a restless guy and I hate to wait for people, so when I first start to writing things, I decided to do everything ”under own steam” except the vocals.

In November 2017 I reserved  1 week for writing and recording a song for my first single in my own studio (El Pompero Studios). The first two days I wrote and recorded a demo of the tune and then I tracked the drums along the demo and after that,  guitars and bass.
… and now the vocals, what the hell!!
I was thinking I do it by myself, in worst case I can overdrive the vocals and put on all crazy rotor plug in´s  etc etc HAHAHA!!

So without any vocal experience at all, I wrote the lyrics and scream in the vocals in 2 days and the result exceeded my expectations quite a lot.
Of course, it`s​ a lot of things to wish for, but it`s Rock n Roll ffs 😉
So I decided to do the mixing and mastering self and set the release date to December the 7th,  2017. Just to get on the track!!
And I am forever VERY thankful for all help and advice I`ve got in the process of this tune..

So here it is
Bad Beat, Four of Kind by El Pompero